My name is Amanda and I originally started blogging on A Few Short Cuts.  We have always dealt with my daughters milk allergy, but it was my son’s wheat allergy that really made us stop and think.  I am a Mom of 3, and feeding my kids is hard enough, then add on allergies and it becomes more challenging!

I want to share with you my experience of how we have dealt with my son’s wheat allergy.  Even though wheat allergies and intolerances are becoming more common, it is still difficult to live with.  I will share with you what we have found that works for our family and hopefully is helpful to you. Growing Gluten Free is all about Growing together.  So, please share your story!

My son was diagnosed with a Wheat allergy when he was 3 1/2 .  Strangely enough, it isn’t until the age of 3 or older that children begin to show signs of an allergy.  I use the term diagnosed loosely.  The doctor did a blood allergy test to see what was causing his breathing problems.  The most concerning to the doctor was mold, and cat.  When I asked about his reaction to Wheat, I was told that it wasn’t anything to worry about, as long as it wasn’t causing him stomach problems.

My son is extremely picky.  The kid lives on things like peanut butter and jelly, and hot-dogs.  Really!  He is crazy picky.  After we did everything we could to eliminate mold and everything else that could possibly irritate his breathing, I remembered the wheat.  This is where my experience with my daughter’s milk allergy came in handy.  I knew what food allergies could do to kids.  So, we decided to take the leap and cut out wheat.   Little did I know how difficult and expensive it would be.

My son was sick for two weeks.  I laughed and said he is going through withdrawals.  That is what it was like.  He was tired, fevered, cranky, the whole nine yards.  It was like he had a severe flu.  I was tempted to go back; to stop the whole process.  I thought, “How could I be helping him?”  It was as hard on me as a mother to watch my son get sick like that just because I wouldn’t feed him wheat.  Then it registered with me that there was a reason he was sick.  His body was having a reaction to the wheat.

After two weeks he began to bounce back.  He accepted his allergy, and we started finding alternatives.  That was so challenging!  You have to know what substitutes taste the best, and are available to you.  If he eats wheat now, in just small amounts he gets a headache, his eyes swell, and his behavior does a complete 180.

Although I know it would be best for all of us, my son is the only one in our house on a wheat free diet.  The gluten free products are so expensive. It is really a shame because they really shouldn’t cost more.  Companies are taking advantage of this “special need.”  When a loaf of bread costs over $5 that is ridiculous!  We do all enjoy a gluten free brownie, or cake though! :)

We are still learning and growing gluten free!