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A Few Short Cuts

Looking for a quick & easy shark week treat? Check out these Seafood & Shark Jello Cups. Such a cute snack idea for any ocean or shark week party.
Shark & Seafoam Jello Cups
So far this week we have really kicked up our Shark Week game. We have had Ocean in a Jar, Seaweed Dip & Shark fin Chips, & Shark Bait Soda. Time to add to our Shark Week party with these fun Shark & Seafoam Jello Cups. All I did was make blue […]

Such a fun drink to serve for Shark Week, or a super party idea. Make this simple Shark Bait Soda for the kids. They will love it!
Shark Bait Soda
Shark Week is coming! My kids get so excited for it. They love to watch nature shows and learn as much as they can. Frankly, they know so much they are on their way to being little zoologists. We love to make Shark Week Snacks and this Shark Bait Soda […]

This is perfect for Shark Week! You have to make this Seaweed Dip with Shark Fin Chips Recipe! Also know as Spinach Dip with Blue Corn chips! YUM!
Seaweed Dip with Shark Fin Chips
This is so simple, yet one of my favorite recipes to serve for Shark Week.  Seaweed Dip with Shark Fin Chips. Otherwise know as Spinach Dip & blue corn chips, but that doesn’t sound near as exciting. This looks like sharks swimming in the sea foam. The entire family loves […]

Simple, creamy, and delicious. This Patriotic No Churn Ice Cream recipe is so creamy and colorful.  This could really be made any colors for a party or get together. No special equipment needed!
No Churn Patriotic Ice Cream
Party time! Who doesn’t love ice cream? And how much fun to make your own! This No Churn Patriotic Ice Cream is perfect for your 4th of July celebrations! Kids love to help making their own treats! Whip heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form. Set aside. In separate bowl add in condensed milk […]

A healthy chocolate treat! These Chocolate & Pecan Covered Blueberries are amazing.  I don't feel guilty and they are just the right juicy pop of sweetness. I keep them in the freezer so they are perfect for these hot summer days too.
Frozen Chocolate & Pecan Covered Blueberries
Blueberries are in season and we were going to go pick some this week. The week happened and the I found them on sale at Aldi for only $1.25 a pint. Needless to say, we didn’t make it blueberry picking and hopefully we can go tomorrow. I love to eat blueberries […]

Crock Pot Recipes

Looking for an amazing Crockpot Dessert? Check out this moist and tasty Crockpot Pound Cake Recipe!
Crockpot Pound Cake
  Dessert in the crockpot is a lovely thing. There is no heating the kitchen, and dessert is warm and ready […]

crock pot blueberry syrup-1
Crockpot Blueberry Syrup
I found the best deal on blueberries when I went to the store this week. They were fresh and beautiful. […]

A classic side dish made in the crock pot! Check out this Crockpot Creamed Corn Recipe! Always a family favorite!
CrockPot Creamed Corn
Fresh corn is all over the grocery store right now. My family loves to eat Corn On the Cob, but […]

These are the most flavorful mushrooms ever! You have to try this tasty CrockPot Mushrooms Recipe. Such a simple side dish or appetizer!
Crock Pot Mushrooms
I am constantly looking for new and tasty crock pot recipes. These Crock Pot Mushrooms were just too simple not […]

You can never have too many good CrockPot Chicken Recipes! This Crock Pot Bourbon Chicken is a WINNER! You can easily prep this ahead for a freezer meal too!
CrockPot Bourbon Chicken
 CrockPot Chicken Recipes are essential in any Mom’s kitchen. Having a bunch of different Chicken Recipes that the family loves….that […]